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ACE Con​​trols Inc., the world’s leader in shock reduction technology, is committed to providing clients with high price ratio, world-class shock absorption products, in order to improve the competition of customers in the international market.
The main purpose of reducing shock device is to avoid collision damage, eliminate noise, improve the speed and improve the quality of products in the machine equipment. ACE high performance shock reduction products should be widely used in self-activation, machine people, material transport, packing, iron, machine bed, wood, music, medicine and so on.

Automation Control

ACE universal damping solutions convert kinetic energy in to heat.

The ACE products in this segment enhance the quality of any type of movement.

Vibration Control

Safety Products

This ACE product group includes innovative solutions to provide customers with the best assistance in isolation technology and vibration isolation.

This ACE product group provides Emergency braking to safely slow down moving loads and reduce damaging forces.

Motion Control

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