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ControlAir is a worldwide leading manufacturer of precision pneumatic and electro pneumatic control products essential to automated industrial equipment, process control systems and instrumentation, laboratory research and analysis, energy management, fluid power, robotics, and valve automation applications. 
ControlAir has an excellent reputation for high performance, quality products. These products include current-to-pressure (I/P) transducers, voltage-to-pressure (E/P) transducers, pneumatic-to-current (P/I) transducers, precision air pressure regulators, filter regulators, volume boosters, motorized regulators, rolling diaphragm air cylinders, valve positioners and custom engineered devices. ControlAir distinguishes itself from competitors in the unique ability to adapt its products to customer-specific applications through joint development projects and strategic design partnerships. 

gallery/電氣氣電轉換器 ip, ep, pi transducers
gallery/流量放大器&氣動繼動器volume boosters & air relays
gallery/閥門調節器valve positioner
gallery/膜片式隔膜氣缸diaphragm air cylinders

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