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Hoerbiger is the world's largest independent research and development and production of gas compressor valves and other air and refrigeration compressor components.
Hoerbiger has become the world's leading multinational company in the three technical fields of compressor technology, automation and transmission technology.

HOERBIGER-ORIGA rodless cylinders operate smoothly at low, medium and high speeds, save space, and use a unique metal seal to achieve long life and excellent performance in the field of automation.

The cylinder diameter of the rodless cylinder can be divided into: 10, 16, 25, 32, 40, 50, 63, 80 mm.

Rodless cylinder speed range standard cylinder: 0.2~4 m/s; low speed cylinder: 0.005~0.2 m/s high speed cylinder: up to 30 m/s; positioning accuracy; standard control: up to ±3 mm; servo Pneumatic control: ±0.1mm/m stroke; service life: at least 8000km; temperature range: -10 to +80°C;

The rodless cylinder style can be divided into: P210/20, P210/25, P230/20, P235/20, P240/20, P240/25, P120S/20, P120S/22, P120S/25, P120L/26, P120L/ 28, P140S/20, P140S/25, P140L/26, P130S/20, S-PS

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